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Oral and dental hygiene


RIVE Dental Clinic pays particular attention to prophylaxis to prevent pathologies of the teeth and gums.

Oral hygiene is the basis of adequate prevention.

Dental plaque, which is the cause of pathologies of the tissue surrounding the tooth, is a soft, white substance that is often difficult to detect. It is responsible for tooth decay, problems with the gums and bone loss around the teeth.

It builds up in places not reached by the toothbrush, and should not be confused with tartar, which is hard.

Dental plaque contains approximately 4-5 million bacteria per cubic millimetre.

RIVE Dental Clinic’s goal is for the patient to achieve indispensable autonomy in their daily oral hygiene routine. If you do not brush enough, dental plaque, which is the enemy of your teeth and gums, will form in a matter of hours after your appointment with the dental hygienist.

Mrs Eliane Kulen-Grimal, the head hygienist at RIVE Dental Clinic, has for many years been a practitioner at the clinic to ensure our patients gain autonomy in their oral hygiene.

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