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A tooth has the biological capacity to be deliberately moved in the bone ridges at any age.

To correct dentomaxillary misalignments, orthodontic devices are required. These may be REMOVABLE or FIXED (rings or braces).

Removable devices are normally worn at night. They apply more physiological and gentler forces, with more stable results, but they only work up until the end of maxillary growth, at age 17-18.

By mastering removable and fixed techniques, as well as lingual orthodontics (invisible technique using rings/braces on the backs of the teeth) of which Dr Okan Kulen is a pioneer in Switzerland, RIVE Dental Clinic has extensive experience in the correction of almost all dentomaxillary anomalies without SURGERY.

For slight anomalies, the SWISSALIGNE method involving invisible mouthpieces can be used.